Colorblind seeing eye dogs

Seeing eye dogs are color blind but can still read stop lights by the position of the ‘on’ light

9 thoughts on “Colorblind seeing eye dogs”

  1. Yep – All dogs/canines are colorblind. But cats can see some colors. It all has to do with color receiving rods in the eyes.

  2. DOGS ARE NOT COLORBLIND – As a matter of fact, dogs are not completely color blind. They see as well as we do as if it were dusk.

  3. ??????? – Isn’t it that the only kind of color or shade that a dog can see are black,white and gray?

  4. Dogs are only partailly color blind – dogs can see color- just only some and it is disfigured- humans have no light rods in their eyes just 3 different types of color cones that can pick up different colors- a dog eye contains 80% light rods in their eyes and the 20% are just 2 different types od color cones- so other colors are riether not seen in color or have a disfigured color (i did a science experiment on this last year!)

  5. It’s Possible – My grandfather was color blind and he drove taxi’s for several years and thats the same way that he could tell when the light changed colors.

  6. color blind does not mean they cant see colors – dogs can see colors they just get them mixed up. like if you had on a blue shirt they’d see green. some people are color bling like that. in rare cases they cant see color at all.

  7. Colorblind dogs – They watch the flow of traffic to see if its safe to lead their owner across the street.

  8. huh.. – well isnt it hilarious how all u idiots are all saying that ur right.. well how do YOU know whether a dog can see color or not?!?!? Idiots.

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