Youngest Mother

The youngest mother whose history is authenticated is Lina Medina, who delivered a 6.5-pound boy by cesarean section in Lima, Peru in 1939, at an age of 5 years and 7 months. The child was raised as her brother and only discovered that Lina was his mother when he was 10

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  1. Youngest Mother – So, someone had sex with a 5 year old girl…? I thought girls and boys bodies were almost the same (accept for the obvious differences) until puberty. I dont think I believe this one….

  2. Nope, it’s true – She had already developed breasts and pubic har…as well as hardened bones that aren’t very childlike. She started her period at 8 months of age. Look it’s true. The boy died at age 40 due to some disease/illness. There are other documented children having children. How sad….

  3. Interesting question, though – Regardless of Lina’s level of physical development, who WAS the father? A horny 16-year-old village boy? A 50-year-old pedophile? Maybe (ew gross) it was HER father. It wouldn’t be the first time in history that a girl had her father’s baby… or maybe one of her older brothers… just a though.

    No, I’m not a sick person. It just seems kind of logical.

  4. Impossible – That’s impossible. Even if you COULD have your period at 8 months and got pregnant at age 5, (which you can’t), your child would not survive and you would probably die during childbirth!!!

  5. One small discrepensy – Lina actually had her first period at the age of 2 yrs. not 8 months. Some webiste say 8 months but quotes from the actual doctor doing the examination says 2 years. Otherwise this story is completely true. The father was never identified.

  6. True – This story is totally true. For all you guys who don’t believe it, try looking things up. Lina had an abnormal growth deficiency that caused her to go through puberty by the age of 8 months and up.

  7. Birth – To KT55, I will assume your name is Kate…
    The fact clearly stated the boy was not born, but torn from the womb via caesarian… Removed surgically

  8. wait, I’m confused – is that supposed to be 60 pounds, or 6 pounds. because if it’s 60 pounds, that’s impossible. a baby cannot be born 60 pounds. and besides, no person could give birth at age 5

  9. un true – no, that is not true, acually the youngest parents were 8 and 9 years old and they lived in china in 1910

  10. A thought…. – HMMM….so a 5 year old had intercourse? I wonder if she ever developed cervial cancer because you know that had to be hard for her to handle. Young girls who have sex before they are 16 have a better chance of getting cervical cancer.

  11. Its true. – The human body while young, when stimulated enough times, will begin to think that its needs to mature and will. This child had been abused soo many times in her life that her body matured and eventually she became pregnant. Sick isnt it?

  12. … – I’m not even going to say anything about this, it would end up being 5 pages long… but fyi aphroditejr, it’s ovarian cancer, not cervical cancer.

  13. Corrections. – First of all: SHE DID NOT GET PREGNANT BECAUSE SHE WAS ABUSED TOO MANY TIMES. She had a medical syndrome that meant she developed early. Her periods began at age two, for example, and she had breasts.

    No-one ever knew who the father was except the man himself, she was too disorientated to say, and was never able to remember. Imagine the trauma at that age of having sex (it may have been once, it may have been on-going abuse), her brain couldn’t cope with it and so it blocked out the experience.

    To whomever said her periods began at eight months, that is incorrect, it was two years (as said in the doctor’s report).

    The baby was not 60 pounds, don’t be stupid, no-one even said that. 6.5 pounds is six and a half. And, yes, it was delivered by a Caesarian. It was thought she had a tumor in her abdomen due to the swelling, when infact it was her pregnancy.

    The child died at age 40 from cancer or a heart-related condition, and it was not in any way related to his mother’s age at his birth.

    Now can everyone try and get their facts straight so I don’t have to correct any more people?

  14. Ah… – Ahh, the green eyed monster rears its ugly head. Go home and study for your sixth grade tests. ;)

  15. im wid u mizzaberry~ – ya wow u really looked this up havent u? kk! i agree wid u it seems hard to believe and very SICK but its true! eww i would die if i gave birth at 5! thats sick for who ever made her prenant perverted freak,,, probably in hell now whith hitler**!!!!! :)

  16. im wid u mizzaberry~ – ya wow u really looked this up havent u? kk! i agree wid u it seems hard to believe and very SICK but its true! eww i would die if i gave birth at 5! thats sick for who ever made her pregnant perverted freak,,, probably in hell now whith hitler**!!!!! :)

  17. Agreed – I hope he’s in Hell. I really do. There’s nothing worse than a paedophile, a rapist or a sexual abuser. Even death is normally kinder than that.

  18. Whoa… – Whoa…That’s just really sick….Imagine thinking all your life (well until you were ten) that your mom was really your mom, and then finding out that it was actually your OLDER SISTER…gross. That would be incredibly traumatic for a ten-year-old. It’s like finding out that you’re adopted, only worse…Ew.

  19. THATS CRAZY – HOW IN THE world did someone that little have a baby!! Even if she stated puberty early. And who in the world would want to have sex with a 5 year-old thats just gross. so where can i go to see this doctors record

  20. :( – I cannot imagine what it was like. I’m digusted, some horny basturd fornicating with a 5 yr old. i’m just not gonna say anything any more. i feel sick.

  21. Mizzaberry is right… – It’s called post traumatic stress disorder, btw. It effects people after rapes, wars, kidnaps, really bad circumstances, but the results very. Sometimes you develop selected memory, or lose so much you become “stupid,” it’s your minds way of blocking bad things out, so that you can continue to function. It happened to thousands of soldiers during WWII, as well as survivers, and many others, like girls raped by soldiers(pretty common during the war), soldiers thought it easy to have there way with girls and women, in villages…even though it was against the law for many to even have sex with them, especially the poles.

    P.S. I have a fascination with WWII, you learn a lot.

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