You Got a License for That Chainsaw?

In Hood River, Oregon, you can’t juggle without a license.

15 thoughts on “You Got a License for That Chainsaw?”

  1. I’ve juggled in Hood River – I lived in Hood River for a while… and I (attempted) to juggle. And nothing happened.

  2. get back where you belong! – hey, this isn’t the “I’m a loser who can’t read a category name right” category!

  3. ummm – maybe, they put this fact in the toy category b/c a common thing to juggle are BALLS and BALLS are toys, are they not?

  4. ummmm – well, if you think it’s stupid to put juggling in the toys section where would YOU put it?

  5. Come on. – Are police going to watch you every time you juggle?No they are not,so don’t say that.
    And juggling is kind of in toys and there really is no other place to put it.

  6. if that’s a fact, it’s a dumbass fact – What?? You have to juggle to have a license now?? In that kase why don’t all the ppl who like to ride bikes have license??

  7. WHAT? – thats just silly who ever thought of that silly law deserves to be shot…i dont understand the chainsaw thing though?

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