USA Wannabees

Fourteen percent of Canadians favor becoming more American

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  1. Don’t forget to mention… – Don’t forget to mention that 14 percent of Canadians are dumb.
    And 17.6 percent of Americans lied during the last census saying they were of Canadian origins!

  2. USA Wannabees – 14% of Canadians may favor becoming more American, but 86% of Canadians definetly don’t want to be.

  3. exile! – great, now that we know who the Canadians on this site are, we can kick them out…[insert evil american laugh here]

  4. oh boyo’s – oh boyo’s you’ve done it now!!! man i would freakin give up my american cit any day to be canadian!!! it like soo rocks dudes!! js leave it alone and stop dissin it

  5. America ain’t so great! – It turns out the 13 % of Americans think that some parts of the moon ate made of cheese. I pity them that someday they will catch up with us! GO TEAM CANADA!

  6. whatever – Guess what? We don’t live in igloos.The only things American knows about is themselves and they like to spread it to everyone else via the media. Even though America is more populated then Canada they still talk like a bunch of rednecks.

  7. Ignorant Bastards – Proof of the america’s ignorance “who gives a frag about Kanada
    by Santana201J on Thursday, August 05, 2004 @ 05:34 PM
    – Kanada is for dumb-asses, and I agree with u Tr33HuGG3r”
    This inbred hick can’t even spell our country’s name right. You should see some of his other posts, the idiot can barely use the english language.

  8. Canada…. – In my opinion, Canada should be consumed by America and made the 51st state. Thumb it can be proud of something. They lost in hockey, their health care system is taxing and slow, and they really have nothing to defend themselves with. They are basically like the weak European countries that seem to want a return to communism or at least anti-Americanism. France, Germany, Russia, and others(if you want to get in to it let me know and we can have a full blown debate). Americans dont force anything on anyone as far as culture. The rest of the world lets it in, their kids want it. One of my favorite sites listed below:

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