11 thoughts on “Turkeys in Water”

  1. hrrm – Well suposedly the birds are stupid and look up into the sky with their beaks open and gag on the water. However I bet this would seriously reduce the population of wild turkeys. Maybe it just a domestic turkey thing.

  2. ok….. – how stupid could a animal get?! drownin in da rain! and did u noe teddy rossevelt wanted to make it da national bird????!!!!

  3. Stupid turkeys – Anything can drown in the rain, if it looks straight up with its mouth open and breathes in the water.

  4. Not quite – lilfairy, it was Benjamin Franklin, not Roosevelt who advocated it being the national bird (I knew that I’m Israeli!)

  5. No duh?…… – Who would ever think Turkeys drown in the rain? What if a farm that recieves a lot of rain, and the farmer goes up to the chicken coop and sees his turkeys are dead? All because of rain. Poor turkeys. That’s another way. Get a turkey and drown it with a hose. Who cares?

  6. Myth – It was thought that domesticated turkeys would stare up during a rain storm and drown them selvs. Actually it was the younger turkeys that would freeze to death in the cold rain because they didn’t have enought down feathers to keep them warm. So that is where the turkey drowning from rain myth comes from.

  7. Yes, DEFINITELY myth – I guess the poster didn’t think this one through . . . at all. Think about it; how could a species survive so long when a single storm could wipe out a whole population? Animal traits come from natural selection, so how could such a behavoir of LOOKING STRAIT UP at storms AND opening your mouth EVER come into being? I don’t doubt the birds are stupid, but even so . . . . And domesticated turkeys are no worse. If anything, selective breeding would favor smarter turkeys (although size would be much more important), not dumber ones. It is true, however, that domesticated turkeys cannot fly like wild ones because of their immense size.

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