Trousers in UK

4 people every year in the UK die putting their trousers on

14 thoughts on “Trousers in UK”

  1. a question… – well… what actually does them in?.. I mean.. is it a pants related injury, or something more like falling while putting them on? I gotta know

  2. girl – well if they get their…*grunts* stuck in the zipper, and it starts to bleed….they could very well bleed to death…and it could then be a pants related injury! oh man…I figured something out!

  3. Over here…. – well actually, whilst watching an odd programme I found out that about 16% of Home related injuries are caused by boxers/panties.

  4. maybe… – Maybe it’s not the pants that do them in but they could be shot, stabbed, have a heart attack, stroke, or anything else whist putting on their pants.

  5. talk about bad luck – what a shootty way to die……….*knock on wood*… it just in the UK?? what is it with them ppl?? ( no offense to anyone )

  6. - ppl cant die puttin trousers on.coz thats just gay.i mean what a pathetic way 2 die…”Death from trousers…” its just pathetic!

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