To the Moon

If you fold a piece of A4 paper in half 44 times it will reach the moon

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  1. Right… – Doesn’t folding something in half make it smaller? Factguy, why did you accept this?

  2. To the moon! – Pretened that a piece of paper is 0.01 mm thick, after one fold in half its 0.02mm thick after 2, its 0.04mm, then 0.08mm after 44 it would be 175921860444.16mm thick which is 175922km, im not sure if thats the distance to the moon though

  3. Yeah, right – That can’t be right, because no matter how many times you fold something, when you unfold it will still be the same size! And a piece of paper cannot reach the moon!

  4. Aside from the obvious problem… – It is not possible to fold a piece of paper in half more than seven times. Try it.

  5. Make perfect sense – What he’s trying to say is if you took a piece of A4 paper and doubled the thickness 44 times it would be thick enough to reach the moon. It’s like the old story of the man who when asked by a king what he wanted as a reward said he would like 1 grain of wheat on the first piece of a chessboard and to double it for every square on the board…this would come out to 4,611,686,018,427,387,904 grains of wheat…enough said.

  6. Ironic – Its ironic that this ‘fact’ is placed directly beneath the one that says you can only fold one average thickness peice of paper seven times…

  7. say what?? – Hang on a second. Are you trying to say that the thickness of an a4 sheet of paper multiplied by 44 would reach the moon?? If i understand this correctly, and that it what you mean, then wouldnt 44 sheets of a4 paper stacked on top of each other also reach the moon?? (by the way, 44 sheets of paper on top of each other does even fill my printer, so exactly how far away is the moon? or where are we reaching it from??)

  8. It can’t be that difficult to understand.. – It doesn’t mean if you stack 44 sheets of paper on top of each other, it’ll reach the moon. It means if you put one paper on the ground, put another one on top of it, then two on top of that, four on top of the next, 8 on top of the next and so on, 44 times, always doubling the sheets of paper on the ground, it’ll reach the moon (but it won’t really, because the stack would only be around 176 000 km high and the moon is about 382 700 km from the earth). I know the fact talks about folding, but I thought it would be easier to understand this way.


  10. HELLO???!! – DUH!!!u can only fold a square peice of paper 7 times!!! Dont belive, me try it

  11. damn ppl – its a theroy, like most stupid facts, y not cut it in to size and then stack the bits lol its not practal

  12. The Genious Will Explain – If u fold it it get’s taller, so if u make microscopic folds eventually u could reach the moon but not in 44 times.

  13. Maybe… – Well,if you fold paper it will get thicker right!?Maybe if you fold really big paper maybe it will get so thick it will reach the moon but I doubt it.

  14. idiots – You’re not acctually supposed to fold it!! He’s just saying if it WAS possible, it would reach the moon. I think you might need to fold it more than 44 times though.

  15. Allow me to clarify… – There are a lot of errors in the comments preceding this one and also some truths. Sprinkled in are some extremely rude comments by folks with nothing better to do. We can pray for them.

    The initial comment about folding a piece of A4 paper (letter size for the Americans) in half 44 times reaching the moon is only partially true. It will in fact reach far beyond the moon. A4 paper is approximately .1mm thick not .01mm thick as mentioned in an earlier comment. If you fold a piece of A4 paper in half 44 times (yes, we all know that this is physically impossible, we are talking theoretically here), you would effectively be doubling the thickness of the piece of paper with each fold. Simple math produces the answer: 1,787,366 KM

    The mean (average) distance from the Earth to the Moon is 382,500 km.

    So folding a piece of common copy paper in half 44 times would would result in a piece of paper thick enough to reach to the Moon and back over four and a half times!!!

    And by the way, if you continued folding that little piece of paper 56 more times for a total of 100 folds, it would be thick enough to approximately reach the edge of the known universe!! That’s 12 billion light years away!!!

    Think about it. What this illustrates is that you need to change the way you think about things…

    God bless each and every one of you.

  16. Wow! – I think I typed somthing simaler to that because if you notice paper deos become thicker when you fold it but yours made more sense then mine did,so thanks for explaining it better.

  17. folding paper – Leopardhawk ur a skool-nerd. ppl let’s not make try to make this subjekt as hard as it seems to some of u…u kan only fold paper 7 times…go and try it for all of u who don’t belive me.

  18. Theoretically – Santana, what don’t you get about the word theoretical? And by the way you made fun of someone being smart tells a lot about you. Yes, those with intelligence should be shunned from society and lets start being edgy by replacing c’s with k’s! Brilliant!

  19. To the Moon – ok in the fact above you say that you can only fold a paper 7 times…. what’s with that?

  20. wow thats some bullet prrofpaper….. – try puting a tactic 12 shell through that mother frager

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