The Way it Should Be

In Memphis, Tennessee it is illegal for a woman to drive by herself. A man must walk or run in front of the vehicle, waving a red flag to warn approaching pedestrians and motorists.

23 thoughts on “The Way it Should Be”

  1. at the risk of offending all the females who visit this site…. – Women are terrible drivers, the dent in my bumper will back me up on this! And it won’t kill you stupid bitches to use a turn signal!!!!!

  2. ill change this – when i bcome mayor of memphis, ill make it a law again so vote 4 me (ill also declare war against michigan)

  3. Sexist Pigs!!! – Women are not as bad at driving as men! Men think they own the road, get your head out of your butts and watch the road instead of thinking you get the right away just because you think you are perfect.

  4. Stupid humans – Eh, you humans are idiots. It is factual that most car accidents are caused by men, which is why car insurance is more expensive for young men and unmarried men (they don’t have a wise woman to keep them in check) than it is for women. Women, unlike men, are cautious, which adds onto why women have longer lifespans. Thank you – the mad heffer/cow.

  5. Duh – Of course more accidents are caused by men, the majority of drivers are men. Learn some sense for frag’s sake.

    And, what the Hell “you humans”? What are you, an ape?

  6. Hey!!! – This law only applies to my mother… In state… In every country… (so she’ll stay on the right side of the road)

  7. Hey!!! – This law only applies to my mother… In EVERY state… In every country… (so she’ll stay on the right side of the road)

  8. wingmaster’s problem – Wingmaster, what vendetta have you got against Michigan? Are you mad that Michigan keeps kickin’ Ohio State’s ass? Huh?

  9. women are worse – actually in 2003 women were responsible for more accidents then men so it looks like women are becoming the bad drivers

  10. NO WAY!!! – OHIO STATE KICKS MICHIGAN’S ASS!! Take the fiesta bowl for example. Ohio State won. They’re so much better than Michigan. Also, the worst drivers are those gay teens who think that they’re so cool with their supercharger, and go 150 in a 25 mph zone.

  11. mizzaberry – Since MadCow’s name is MadCow wouldn’t it be safe to say that HE’S A COW!! (I’m an undead cyborg bunny named bob)

  12. FOOLISH HUMANS!!!!! – BEWARE OF OPERATION IMPENDING DOOM 3!!!!! doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doooooooom!! (I can smell your brains you stupid humans hahahahahahaha)

  13. u2 – You’re not exactly in your right mind if you sent your message twice. Only click once, people. Also, deadbob, as fun as it might seem, annialating the human race would’t be that good. Once you were done, woh would update this website?

  14. I’m gonna sing the doom song – No one updates the site now, I think it would be merciful to destroy the human race, replace their bodies with immortal undead robo bunny suits, and brainwash them to do anything and everything our bunny gods say than to let them go on living in their stupid pitiful rathole of a world. (I’m sorry if I offended any rats)

  15. … – I like to beat things with my bat. (Why am I obsessed with killing all humans on this comments board only?)

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