The Headless Roachman

cockroaches can live with no heads, they only die because of starvation.

6 thoughts on “The Headless Roachman”

  1. addition to this fact! – It has been known that roaches live for up to 10 days without their heads.

  2. Cock… Bombs? – jprg, you are actually wrong, the radiation does not damage cockroaches, the impact of a nuclear blast will, but not the radioactive fallout itself… Unless many a teacher, professor and textbook have all been duped and spread these false allegations.

  3. so..?? – Why u guys talking about radiation and shoot? That ain’t got shoot to do with the fact (or if is a fact), and who kares if kockroaches kan live with no head, I just want them to die, becuz I kan’t stand them nasty-ass bugs.

  4. Wrong! – They do live up to 10 days but, they die of THIRST. A Roach can live for over a month with no food if he had a steady supply of liquid. Plus roaches have been knows to eat anything such as paper, cardboard, and even sweat stains off of tennis sneakers.

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