Thats Statuesque

The complete title of the Statue of Liberty is Liberty Enlightening the World

4 thoughts on “Thats Statuesque”

  1. That makes alot of sense.:-)My country tis of the,Sweet land of liberty….somthing…..somthing….somthing. – I love America.We are free in this land.Power to the people,YAY!-.-

  2. Hissss… – Currently I hate this country. Not the country itself though but the things that are happening, and who is “guiding” us through them. Bush is an ass and i don’t care if even Nader wins as long as Bush isn’t reelected. Bush is the one who said “Mission Acomplished” when all we did was capture Saddam. If we kill him he will become a martar. If we keep him in captivity people will try to rescue him. Also, we still have to get out soldiers together get out of there and hope that the Iraqis can handle it themselves. Should they start to threaten and/or attack other countries (9/11 had nothing to do with Iraq, just Osama) then I belive we have a right to butt in, but not now, let’s keep our own people alive for now. P.S. Mizzaberry, you were being sarcastic (sp?) right?

  3. i agree with deadbob – I agree… today i found out that america is so cheap that they make bmws so they will break in about 5 years and you haveta buy a new one… plus, the next president is gonna be the lesser of two evils… AND haven’t you guys heard ‘Where is the Love’ by black eyed peas… i agree with that song totally

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