Taxi Surfing

In ohio it is illegal to ride on the roof of a taxi cab

6 thoughts on “Taxi Surfing”

  1. WTF – Santana201J is your “c” key broken? i see you type with “k” all the damn time!
    or you just trying to look like a fool?

  2. thanks for the info, mr. obvious – isnt that illegal anyway everywhere else? its just common sence. i agree with everyone above me except for rev_g33k_101 cuz he’z a perfectionist and he gotta correct every fragin mistake everone makes. HEY REV_G33K_101!! LoooK @ MEE! IM SPELLENG IN-KORREKT-IK-KALLY!! *GASP* I SHUD BEE ARRESTDED!!

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