Strict Brits

Head teachers in England can permanently expell students

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  1. They can do the same thing in India. – If the student attended a prominent school, he would also be blackballed from the other well-known schools throughout the region.

  2. American Schools? – Can’t they do that in American schools? Is that so strange? I got suspended for a week for misbehaving on a school trip about six years ago.

  3. are you kidding? – sure school is not the coolest thing, but being expelled from school would not be good, for starters, you would never get a good job, i doubt mcdonalds would even hire you without an hight school diploma, much less any job that pays good shoot, i think going through sum years of school is better then being a bum for the rest of your life

  4. Hello? – They can do that up here in Scotland too.

    And yes, Scotland only contains twelve people and a sheep.

  5. eh? – im from england, and im sorry, but why is that at all weird? who else would do the expelling?

  6. look ‘expel’ up in a dictionary – expel v. -pelling, -pelled. dismiss from a school etc. permanently; drive out with force. -expulsion n.
    Perhaps the American-English differs a little from English, I only know how to say aluminium in American-English….aluminum LMAO
    I’m not English

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