So 5% of Men are Not in Jail?

95% of men physically abuse women and are put in prison for the abuse that had happened

12 thoughts on “So 5% of Men are Not in Jail?”

  1. 95%? – 95% of where? of the US? of canada? of europe? of where? of the world; maybe. of US; i doubt it. of canada; i doubt it even more. of europe; maybe. of any other place;i doubt it

  2. guess your right – well cugal i guess your right. but we also have to stop 5% of some guys beating wemon as well =/

  3. I think you are a little confused – Dont you mean that 95% of men that physically abuse women are put in jail?

  4. That can’t… – That can’t be possible…if 10% of the population are gay and half of those are male then, that is 55 alone..are you saying, only gay guys don’t beat women and go to jail….worthless

  5. Oh . . . wait, what? – If a man beats his wife and doesn’t go to jail, how do you know he beats his wife? That’s like saying “According to a recent survey, 10% of people won’t admit that . . . .” That makes no sense; if the people won’t admit whatever, how do you know they did it? How can you know how many people do something and don’t get caught?

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