Horses can sleep while standing upright.

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  1. cows can too! – So do cows…ever heard of the term “Cow Tipping”? For both cows and horses, it’s actually a state of “dozing” because if their feet are tired, if their sick, or just if they’re lazy…they can sleep laying on their side.

  2. ^^^ Is full of crap – check out this site:

    cow tipping is a myth. Just like snipe hunting. Nice try though.

    And, btw, most horses lay down to sleep. They can, however, fall into a light sleep while standing up. The have a special muscle in their legs that locks the joints and prevents them from falling over when the do this.

  3. Right and Wrong – The fact is true, horses sleep standing up, almost all the time. The only time they lay down is if they don’t feel well, which is not a good sign. (And cow tipping is not a myth, I know from personal experience.)

  4. Yeah. – Cow tipping is most definitely not a myth. I’ve done it. As a side note, kangaroos sleep with only their heads raised vertical, and fish “sleep” with their eyes open. (no eyelids)

  5. Umm No!!! – Horses can sleep laying down, and it doesnt mean that there sick or anything.. Sometimes when there laying down, looking at there belly and moaning means that there sick.. Most horses that a comfortable were they live lay down were they sleep exspecially horses that are with more than 2 horses are more comfortable and they take turns resting. I know this because i have 7 horses… =)

  6. ….. – Horses can sleep standing up because they can lock something in their legs…. Horses will only sleep laying down if they feel safe enough…

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