Rudolphs Way

even if rudolph leads the way on santa clause’s sleigh, there are 42,236 different ways to rearrange the other reindeer

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  1. Reindeer positions – Thats just not true….Dasher and Dancer are always directly behind Rudolph. Prancer and Vixen on the next row, Comet and Cupid on the next, and the last row has Donner and Blitzen. Always from Santa’s left to his right. There is only 1 (one) way to hitch them up.

  2. Still not true… – actually, even if you could rearrange them in any order behind Rudolph, there would still only be 40,320 ways to do it, not 42,236. There are 8 reindeer, and 8 spots to be filled. Each reindeer can only hold one place. It is therefore a permutation calculation, and hence a factorial (!) . So 8 permutations of 8 (or 8!) is 40,320. Sorry, to be so forthright.

  3. ??? – How is Rudolph and Santa’s sleigh about religion? I mean, I understand because it has to do with Christmas, but I would have put it in misc. personally….nonetheless, great site.

  4. STILL not true. – The reindeer can only be arranged in combinations, not permutations. Permutations allow elements to repeat. Therefore, there are eight possible reindeer for the first spot, seven for the second (because one is already set), six for the third, and so on. This leaves you with 21,504 combinations of reindeer.

  5. it’s 8! – thus: 1*2*3*4*5*6*7*8=2,6,24,120,720,(4900+140=5040
    5040*8=(40000+320=40320 combinations

  6. santa? – im sorry but how old are you guys to still belive in santa ? and flying randiers! well if no one has told you but santa dosent exist. not trying to be mean but its true.

  7. sick of it – I’m really tired of reading all of “Phoebe’s” comments, and i’m sick of trying to skip over them. I can feel my IQ dropping just by seeing her name.

  8. santa mobile – santa should really check out some other means of transportation. sleighs aren’t what they used to be. of course, rudolph would have to find another job.

  9. huh? – i have no idea who came up with the way of ffiguring this out, but no matter which way it comes, its still hurting my, so make yer comments, just a little bit of an easier read please…no im not a fruit, im just a little out of it today….yeah

  10. Jonny Bravo… – Do u believe in santa and reindeer? I hope u don’t. I think u need to rekonsider about this shoot…SANTA AND HIS FAKE-ASS REINDEER AREN’T REAL!!

  11. santa exists – in every person that gives a gift and in every person who gives you a hello or a good day
    your all santas so dont fraging comment about yourselfs
    its boring to read the same things over and over

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