Pig Orgasms

The orgasms of common, barnyard pigs can last up to thirty minutes!

9 thoughts on “Pig Orgasms”

  1. Sickos – Who would be so interested as to sit and observe a pig orgasming for 30 entire minutes! Can a person actually be turned on in a situation such as this>?

  2. sorry ladies – Actually J-Swifty this only applies to the male pigs. Like most animals pigs don’t get enjoyment from sex. The male pig has such a long orgasim because it needs a lot of sperm to hit the females eggs to become pregnant! By the way we raise pigs here on our farm!

  3. but no – actually, i thought that orgasms were a sign of pleasure, and i also thought that the only other living things that had sex for pleasure were dolphins, so there goes that theory

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