Our Long Lost Brother

Hedgehogs have the most similar fingerprints to humans

11 thoughts on “Our Long Lost Brother”

  1. hedgehog or koala? – i could have sworn to see that koala’s have the closest fingerprints to humans, hmm, which one is real?

  2. Sonic – I used to have a hedgehog when I was like 6 years old but I didn’t clean the cage and it stunk so mom gave it away to the guy who fixed our air conditioner but said somebody stole him when she put it outside b/c of it’s stench. His name was Sonic. (Really!) And did you know that their stomachs are so~~~~soft despite their sharp quills

  3. lol – Either way, I don’t think koalas or hedgehogs are likely to show up at the scene of a crime

  4. Another Sonic! – Stagelover, I have a headgehog named Sonic right now O-O I LOVE HIM!! Im done..

  5. wats with the sonic – i no sonic is a well kown hedgehog but calling ur hedgehon sonic is so unoriginal

  6. Wow! – That proves it! All the crime inthe world solved by fingerprints were actually caused by hedgehogs! It’s all a conspiricy!

  7. The Gene Pool – Indeed, and hedgehogs got out of the smarter end of the gene pool. Then cows came along and just drank it all up and farted and pooped it out, and out of the cow waste, a human emerged.

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