Oldest Father

Mine worker Les Colley (1898-1998), from the town of Ararat in western Victoria, made world headlines as the world’s oldest father at age 93 yr. 10 mo., when his son Oswald was born in July 1992. ‘I never thought she would get pregnant so easy, but she bloody well did,’ he told the papers, discounting the possibility that perhaps HE had more to do with this miracle of fertilization. A non-drinker and non-smoker, he remained active up to the very end, succumbing to pneumonia four months shy of his 100th birthday

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  1. merman – …*is speechless for a time* WHO WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH A 93 YR OLD GUY?!?!? I mean in all seriousness…who is gonna have sex with a 93 yr old guy? my grandparents aren’t even that old yet! did he still get it up? and at 93 he was not sterile yet? holy crap in a box!! sorry i’m just full of questions on his wife for right now

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