Not Berries

Strawberries, raspberries, and cherries are not actually berries.

5 thoughts on “Not Berries”

  1. berry – i think berry is a fruit that originated from a single pistil. that’s why strawberries are not true berries [they are aggregate fruits]. tomato is an example of a berry… that’s what i know. if there are some add-ons or corrections, please educate me. :)

  2. Definition. – I believe berries have their seeds on the outside. They are also pulpy and fleshy throughout. I might be wrong though, I’ve never actually checked.

  3. Asiong – A tomato is botanically a berry, but not commonly referred to as such. Many people have trouble grasping the fact that it’s a fruit and not a vegetable. You’re right about strawberries, though. Berries are also derived from a single ovary.

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