No Monogomy

51 percent of Italian women between the ages of 20 and 60 believe that cheating on spouses is healthy for a relationship.

7 thoughts on “No Monogomy”

  1. hahaha! – If they aren’t busy washing the grease from their hair away they are busy being rabbits, hahaha crazy greaseballs!

  2. weird-ass kountries – It’s probably true…I mean foreign kountries believe shoot like that…to them it’s like a fraging traditon or something…That’s why amerika is the best kountry to live at becuz foreign kounties believe in krazy-ass shoot.

  3. your full of bul santana201j – im from romania and like 10 % of the total romanian women cheat on their
    So trie something new.
    And think again before saying that america is the best country to live in!

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