No Migrants

The high level of unemployment in Canada makes it one of the least popular destinations for illegal immigrants.

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  1. lol – England can send you some, half of our country is full of illegals ’cause we have such a generous government o_O

  2. hey what about us? – Israel has the most (legal) immigrants per capita than any country in the world

  3. Again you jew bitch! – Yeah jprg they may have more but they are mainly jews and they really don’t count! By the way who would want to live in such an asshole nation. Besides state sponsored murders and kidnappings, stealing land that isn’t yours and killing innocent children! You suck!

  4. ??? – asshole nation? Israel is the only democracy in the middle east! Israel has never advocated murdering palestinians (witht the exception of terrorists), if that’s what you mean. But what about the PA and other Arab authorities giving billions of dollars anually to Hamas and other terrorist organizations? And the 900 miliion dollars that was given to improve Palestinian conditions Arafat that he put in his private account in Switzerland? Or the 279 attemted suicide bombings since September 28, 2000? Is that just?

  5. ?? – althought israel is about 50 years old it did once belong to the jews before the romans, i beileve, could be wrong. palestine was a stolen country then, and yes there are too many illegal’s in the UK damn, there not even taking the jobs there taking my dole money lol

  6. Listen Up… – I believe the subject of this category was Canada’s vast unemployment
    Relax about the immigrants wherever they are in the world. If people keep spreading hate and acting prejudiced, the world will never see a unity of peace. Spread the virus of love!!

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  8. RE: Panzer’s comment – The land that is now Israel was given to the Jews by the allies after WWII because many countries didn’t want to take in the Jewish refugees. Also the Nazis killed many crippled, Jewish, Black, and Gypsi children during the “Final Solution”.

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  12. back to the fact – Why don’t we just get back to the topic instead of yelling our racist comments at each other.

  13. tsk tsk – It is quite ironic, Truthseeker, that your name is truthseeker, because all you spread is lies. While Karl Marx was Jewish, Lenin was not, and Israel is a SOCIALIST DEMOCRATIC state (read: healthcare for all) which is different from communism. In Socialism, people can own their own property, while in a Communist state, the GOvernment owns everything. So, Truthseeker, stop spreading lies, you make yourself look stupid

  14. Exactly – PLEASE STOP IT!!! GOD DAMN IT, THE INFANTS THAT POSTED HERE CANNOT CONTROL THEMSELVES. This is my last comment on this because I don’t want to provoke anybody else, but Guska was right, you can argue ELSEWHERE. First, to sort someting out: Socialism is, basically, just a term for the far left wing. Much of Europe can be considered socialist, and every large republic or democracy (it seems those words are almost interchangeable now, doesn’t it?) has a socialist party. SOCIALISM DOES NOT MEAN COMMUNISM. China is communist, Israel, is socialist, they ARE NOT THE SAME THING. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Now, on the SUBJECT: I doubt that the fact is true. Being a first world country, Canada has to have a higher level of imigration than the vast majority of third world countries (of which there are far too many). For example, how many people would ever imigrate to Ethiopia, when it is no better than any of its surrounding countries? Canada’s unemployment level may seem high, but compared to the bulk of Africa, it is staggeringtly LOW.

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