No Middles

Not one person on the voyage of the Mayflower had a middle name.

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  1. We know this jew! – We know this because at this time Christians didn’t use middle names. Since everybody on the mayflower was a WASP they wouldn’t have middle names. By the way there were no Jews on the Mayflower! Thanks for killing Jesus you frag!

  2. jesus – ok, it was the romans who crucified him, but the jews wanted him to die. they were the ones who asked pilate to put him to death and asked for barabbas (the murderer) the romans were just the law, that’s the only reason “they” (the romans) killed him

  3. huh – what is your point? i dont’ know what you want to say. anyways, i also want to say, jprg and panzer, you guys are so rude to each other. i don’t see why you have to hate eachother just because one is jewish and the other is german. big deal! get over yourselves! the war is over incase you haven’t noticed! maybe you should meet each other before you start hating each other! and jprg, i wasn’t trying to be mean to you, saying jews killed him or whatever. i know jews believe differently than christians, but to us, jews did kill him, even though he was a jew himself. and anyways, i don’t see what it matters to you, you don’t even believe in him. . . well, that he’s your savior and all. . . but anyways, that’s all i have to say.

  4. ?!! – WASPS have no middle names? where does the tradition of middle names come from? worthless fact guy, are you out there….?

  5. religious pawns – Jesus never existed nor did God or any of that other crap. We have scientific reasons as to why such things as the red sea spliting, water turning red and even it raining frogs. That is why Atheists like me are set out trying to convince people that all religion is is a veil shielding them from the truth, and the unknown. Heaven doesn’t exist, God won’t grant all our wishes, and Satan will not kill us for being bad. Just get over it.

  6. To Deadbob and all the other atheists out there – That scientific *CRAP*, if it can even be called that, is MADE UP. Yah, so gravity has been proven, so what. That is making an observation on somethin really stupid. They theorize about the other universes—HOW DO THEY KNOW THAT THESE OTHER ONES EXIST, HUH? Last I checked, you and everyone else havent been out recently to check on it, have ya? Thats because it doesnt exist. Heaven does, and Heaven is a lot better than anything. Beleive in God, because if your living like there is no God, YOUD BETTER BE RIGHT!
    -the Jesus Freak
    P.S.- Why do you think good things happen to you? Do you think you just have good Karma? No, try thinking–It’s God trying to get through to you through your thin and stupid little head. Beleive in God, folks. Miracles happen.
    P.P.S- Who or what do you think created all these “universes” if they do exist and everything you are seeing and stuff? An alien? Doubtful–try the Ultimate Creator—GOD.

  7. To flikchik007 and the other morons out there – It is ludicrous that you try and promote religion on the grounds that “good things happen” and yet you discount the whole of science, which has logical background. I don’t believe 3/4 of what science claims to know but I think Darwin’s theory of Evolution by natural selection is a lot more credible than a notion whose argument fundamentally breaks down to “you must have faith to believe”. Those with faith are normally just too ignorant to accept that others have a point of view. I think it’s fine to be religious, and it can lead to greater happiness in some people. What I don’t like is when idiots like yourself post such ignorance. I’m sure your “God” would not approve of the sentiment, you hypocrite.

  8. a few things… – I always go with science before religion, but i belive that there is a god. as for jesus, the roman census proves that jesus of nasareth was born to mary and joseph in bethlahem. I personnaly hate religion, because all it does is cause strife. Think of the holocaust and the crusaids. PANZER and the middle east prove my point. Also, the jews had nothing to do with killing jesus. He was a jew, and it was some corrupt officials in the church. The entire religion had nothing to do with it.Also, flikchik007, Science is all proven. Every bit is checked and re-checked. Science is made up of true facts. None of it is crap or made up. The Old Testament, i belive is more of storieds that speak of god, not the actual word of god. Like adam and eve. If that were true, than that means that everyone is related. Also, adam and eve had two sons, so how did they reproduce? Also, if the whole world was flooded with noah, then once again everyone is related. My e-mail is and my AOL instant messenger adress is ganingguy90 if anyone wants to contact me to discuss anything. I’m open to any subject.

  9. its true – normally it wouldnt be right for panzer and jprg to hate each other for being against each other in ww2, but panzer said he wanted to light his ovens in remembrance on holocaust remembrance day. many jews were killed in concentration camps by putting them in huge ovens.

  10. PANZER – Look in other topics and you’ll notice that PANZER has picked out the following:
    Jews, Mexicans, Black people, etc…

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