12 thoughts on “No Ducking Way”

  1. Actually it does – The fact of a duck’s quack not being able to echo, iz simply a myth…In reality a duck’s quack DOES echo…So I’m affraid this fact iz wrong.

  2. Interesting – How would someone go about testing this, I wonder. Do you take your duck down to the canyon and see? You must have to squeeze him to get him to quack or something.

  3. Echo Shmecho – An echo is a sound just as any other. Soundwaves belong to it just as any other sound and they carry, bounce off of walls, and echo just as any other normal sound.

  4. Agree – I agree with albbla…because the duck’s quack has sound waves, it does echo…even if the echo is just too weak for us to hear. And factguy, i’d actually want to know how they found out the duck’s quack DOESN’T echo…i mean did they take it to the Grand Canyon and squeeze a quack out of it just to see if it had an echo? And WHO’S BRIGHT IDEA WAS THAT?

  5. Quak – Let me tell ya’ll something. I have to listen to ALBONES ‘s pet duck quaking about 3 times a day.. and when it makes noise, it echos across the office a few times.

  6. This fact is true.. – I read it on a Snapple cap. That’s the first place I go to do research on a subject.

  7. duck’s quack – A duck’s qauck will echo, it’s just that it slow quiet our ears don’t discern it.

  8. Also – On the Discovery channel on Mythbusters, they have tested it. They test all sorts of urban legends.

  9. Myth Busters – Apparently it does echo, but the echo sounds exactley like the origional quack, that its like your still hearing it.

  10. smart alecks – i hate it when poeple use big words just to sound smart. especially when it involves ducks and or penguins because they are pure evil.

  11. Wrong, Wrong Wrong! – You are wrong. Scientists recently proved that we do here IS the echo and the origional sound is too high/low pitched for us to hear it. Another Lie Busted!

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