No Atheists in Vermont

It is illegal to deny the existence of God.

7 thoughts on “No Atheists in Vermont”

  1. Damn… – Hmmm, I suppose I can’t go there then….cuz I could give two shoots and deny it w/o thinking cuz I AM AGNOSTIC…:D

  2. Get your religion on straight. – You’re an atheist. Agnostics do beleive in the existence of God, they just believe He has no bearing on their lives.

  3. hmm.. – as far as agnostics go.. i was under the impression that they just felt that there was not enough evidence to determine either way whether or not God exists.. but that if they evidence revealed itself then they would, i suppose, believe

  4. argh! – First of all, an agnostic is someone who is unsure about the existence of God. Second of all, atheists are people who believe there is no God. And third of all, I thought Vermont was supposed to be an open and liberal place. Maybe not.

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