Navy SEALs Record

No SEAL has ever surrendered and no wounded or dead SEAL has ever been left on the field during battle.

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  1. false – in the vietnam war, LT. John Howard and 3 other sealy were taken captive for two days before they were rescued by another “special froces” team (delta force)

  2. No. – Er, lexus, that doesn’t prove the original author’s fact. It is, however, equally as uninteresting.

  3. balls – this is utter crap you know the rules of battle?if someone falls behind they STAY there ,thats they way the brits do it anyway ,and beleive me this shoot “never leave a man behind”is utter crap if hes gone hes gone ,,,,a seal has never surrendered?suuuuuuuuuuuure….

  4. oh and.. – when i say the brits I am not representing myself but my granda was in the army (IRELAND IS UNITED AND ALWAYS WILL BE IRISH!!!!)

  5. Delta Force – Delta Force was not formed until after the Vietnam War. Therefore, they could not have rescued a seal team during the war.

  6. true – i think all that navy seale stuff is rue, they are really dedicated to all helping eachother and winning!! :D

  7. I am a U.S. Navy Seal, I will tell you what they tought me. – In BUD/S training (basic underwater demilitions/seal) and I speak for even marine, pilot, soldier everybranche in the military, WE WOULD RATHER DIE FIGHTING BY A FALLEN COMRAD THEN LEAVE HIS BODY TO THE ENEMY. We were also told stories by veterians, one guy from Desert Storm was with a squad of five and a man goes down, THEY STOOD THERE AND FOUGHT FOR 7 HOURS AND 2 MORE WERE WOUNDED AND THEY FOUGHT UNTILL THE HELIVACH COME, THOSE MEN AND WOMEN ARE REAL AMERICANS

  8. your are not a u.s navy seal – your not a u.s navy seal as u.s navy seals dont go on websites posting that they are u.s navy seals p.s S.A.S rules the seals

  9. SHUT UP JMAN – Jman, just shut up. Shut up! You’re not welcome! Go away! We don’t care what you have to say. Just GO AWAY! Why wouldn’t a navy seal say they were a navy seal? He’s not a CIA agent, he’s a soldier…Maybe he is lying, I don’t know. But I do know that seals, and most other American soldiers, would NEVER leave behind a body if they could bring it back. If every seal dies, and there is nobody left to bring back the bodies that’s different, but no seal would leave somebody behind, dead or alive…assuming there’s a body left for burial. And Akuma, I don’t know about you, but I would rather not have my body left in a foreign country, I would rather be buried in America. I’ve never heard of a seal that surrendered. And by the way, Ireland is about as divided as a country can get.

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