Mexican Jumping Elephants

elephants are the only mammals that cant jump

16 thoughts on “Mexican Jumping Elephants”

  1. also – elephants also walk on their toes, they have huge pads on the rest of their feet so they break a bone everytime thet walk.(zoobooks)

  2. another odd fact… – penguins dont have knees, and yet they can still jump….how is that possible?

  3. And I know why… – They don’t jump because if they did they would squish their own internal organs. They can’t run, either. Just walk really fast.

  4. well…. – look how big them animals are. I see why they kan’t jump, and besides I don’t think they kan jump in the 1st in place…..CubsManiak….whales jumping??? ik u didn’t just didn’t ask that, go get some rest. How kome ppl would ask or say (especially how old they are), the most ridikulous shoot what a typikal 6 yr. old may not even think of saying?

  5. think outside the box – Santana, thiunk a little! A whale is a mammal, and the fact states that elephants are the only mammals that can’t jump. So, the fact is saying that a whale can jump, which it cant.

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