Long Fire

A coal mine fire in Haas Canyon, Colorado was ignited by spontaneous combustion in 1916 and has withstood all efforts to put it out. The 900 to 1700 degree fire was quenched by a heat-resistant foam mixed with grout in 2000.

6 thoughts on “Long Fire”

  1. Well jews are supposedly good at science. – It burned for so long jprg you jew because of the fact that it was receiving O while it had a pretty unlimited fuel source! Duh!!!

  2. reveek – this is impossible, spontaneous combust doesn’t exist the fire had to have been started by something else.

  3. Diesel Engines – Yeah, spontaneous combustion doesn’t exist. Of course, don’t tell anyone driving a car with a diesel engine that…

  4. Also… – There’s also a lantern in a temple-Nara, Japan, I think- that has been burning for over 1,200 years.

    (Don’t ask me…)

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