Leave Your Harpoon at Home

Whale hunting is strictly prohibitted throughout the entire state of Oklahoma.

11 thoughts on “Leave Your Harpoon at Home”

  1. AAAH! – well i guess noone is going to jail for this unless they FIND A WAY TO GO WHALING IN OAKLAHOMA, last time i checked, there r no whales…

  2. there r whales – there is whales in oklahoma, all of them in zoos, so if u do go whaling in ok, then they have an extra charge 4 u

  3. what????? – ok besides zoos, why would they even bother with this law, IT DOESNT EVEN TOUCH A PLACE WHERE WHALES COULD LIVE SAFELY,(that i know of)

  4. USA USA USA USA USA – I’m not sure, I know it is in the USA somewhere, but I don’t think many people live there.

  5. Oklahoma – It’s a crappy little state in the middle of America, if you had to live somewhere, it’d be Chicago IL. It’s not as crowded as NY and not as crime ridden as LA. Plus it was the first city with a grid system, making it easier and less complicated to move around.

  6. It’s Illegal everywhere – It isn’t just illegal in Oklahoma. Whales are an endangered species and you can’t hunt them anywhere. I have no idea how anybody could whale hunt in Oklahoma but it is illegal wherever you go. You can whale watch but you can’t harm them, unless you are a wildlife person or somebody from a zoo or something you aren’t even allowed to touch them.

  7. usa – um yea, obviously u guys live in another country but if u do live in the usa (which i do) the place to live is california- NOT chicago

  8. Oaklahomo* – lol i just wanted to say that and this is Just a gay law… its a inland state anyhow!

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