Largest Thing

The largest thing ever built was the Grand Coulee dam. Three times the bulk of the bouler dam and four times the volume of the Great Pyramid, nearly a mile long and 550 feet high. Its 30 acre base was 500 feet wide and held back the Columbia River. It consumed 12 million cubic yards of concrete.

3 thoughts on “Largest Thing”

  1. Bullshoot – this is total crap, anyone who has even a remotely functional brain will realize that the phone system is the largest thing ever built, its all connected, it must weigh millions of tons and it encompases the entire earth! so there

  2. heavy network – By that reasoning, I would think that the world’s road system would outdo the telecomm system. Wider, thicker, goes to all the same places, etc.

  3. Single largest structure – telephone, road, computer networks and otherwise are not single structures, they are thousands of structures running in tandem (massivley parrallel systems). The damn is ONE STRUCTURE.

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