Killer Fleas

Fleas have killed more people (due to Bubonic plague and such) than all wars throughout history combined.

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  1. ?????? – fleas can kill people?!?!?!?!?!?!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO well not that i have fleas or anything, just in case i get em

  2. Well – Fleas don’t live on humans, head lice do. And I don’t think you can catch diseases from them, unless the person who gave them to you had a contagious blood disease.

  3. its like… – no no first off ,,people are the top of the chain,,,,,second how do you know this?i mean have they actually gotten the information bothered to count up every war known and all the dead and all of the diseases which they THINK were carried by fleas..come on…..

  4. Fleas??? – I think you mean mosquitos have killed more people than all the wars combined. “Fact”.

  5. I’m doubt that – Fleas kill ppl???? Fleas don’t kill ppl…or do they?? That is a 100% worthless, BULLSHOOT fakt I”ve ever read.

  6. Not Fleas, But Flies & Mosquitos – The correct terms are Flies & Mosquitos, not Fleas. Flies and Mosquitos, through direct & indirect rodent to human (and vise versa) blood & fecal transfer have killed more people than wars. This is a fact too, not just a presumption, Irish Akuma.
    Flies & Mosquitos land on rodents & other “unclean” animals & animal by-products. The pick up bacteria that is incompatable with the human body & transfer these different types of bacteria to us through misquito bites, flies landing on your food, door handles, etc. When you go touch that door handle, your hand picks up the bacteria. Then you pick your nose or wipe your face or chew your finger nails, and you are ingesting the bacteria into your system.
    The fact that flies & mosquitos have killed so many humans, stems from the fact that during previous decades/centuries, we were not exactly the clean “people” that we are today. Hygiene was not as important then, as it is today.

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