Kane and the Undertaker

Kane is in no way related to the Undertaker

8 thoughts on “Kane and the Undertaker”

  1. ?? – St. Anger , they dont know , they are making shoot up , they are losers that are wannabe’s . They dont have anything else to do but be a dumbass.

  2. we know this – we know this because there names are different and there thye do not look the same, lol its just a shame that stupid exsit

  3. We know because we look this shoot up – we know because we look this crap up. The only relationship Undertaker (Mark Callaway) and Kane (Glen Jacobs) have is that they are friends.

  4. not true – Not everything that u look up is true but I know theyre 1/2 bros cuz Ive asked the Undertaker because Ive met him in person

  5. …. – They could look it up or read their freakin books an they have their real names in them*doink*

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