Inuit Language

Inuit’s have over 1000 different words for ice, but not one word for hello.

8 thoughts on “Inuit Language”

  1. Words of Ice – This is because of the conditions they live in. They need to describe different kinds of ice, wet, powdery, et cetera. Why do you say “Hello” You could just as easily say what you wanted to without saying “Hello”

  2. FACT!!! – I know this is true. Because of their conditions they need words for ice, and they don’t have a word for hello because they are so friendly, they don’t even knock when they enter their neighbors house. They don’t feel a need to say hi. Glad I know this……..

  3. ? – do they have a word for ‘hot’? or ‘sweat’? or sizzle? or sweltering? or burn? or tanned? or sand? flipflops? palms? starfish? jellyfish? tropical? sunscreen? little paper cones you put on your eyelids when you tan – do WE have a word for that?

  4. Wingmaster… – Why don’t u shut the frag up? Whenever someone don’t know what a certain word means u always have to kriticize them. If u wanna kriticize someone why don’t u kriticize urself, u dumb worthless piece of shoot, and go suck the kum out of ur small-ass dick, u dumb frag!!! -Kriticize that

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