I’m on Casino Time

There are no clocks in Las Vegas casinos.

I wonder if it is true that they pump pure oxygen into those places late at night to revive the players.

10 thoughts on “I’m on Casino Time”

  1. Why? – The casinos don’t install clocks so that, unless you have a watch, you can’t just say to yourself, “I’ll just stay for half an hour” because you don’t know how long it is. You then stay longer because “It can’t possibly have been half an hour already.” Time flies when you’re having fun.

    Yes some casinos do pump oxygen into them, but not solely to keep everyone awake. Pure oxygen can actually be classified as an inhalant, as it will give you a mild high. This way, if you win, you get really pumped and think you can do it again, and if you lose, you just shrug it off and try again. Either way, the casinos make more money and you get screwed. This is a really long comment, which is now even longer because I put this sentence on it.

  2. over the stars – actually I read up on this in a urban legends site and its not true…there are a few legends about casinos that aren’t true…can’t remember any right now but look up on snopes.com…it gives ANSWERS to many questions

  3. Absolutely – They’d have to inject oxygen at some point; those who have actually been to Vegas casinos will attest to the age/preponderance of smokers/oxygen bottles in attendance… I can only wonder why the whole shebang hasn’t long since gone up in one big fireball.

  4. True – I actually that’s true, becuz I read that on a ‘did u know’ fact. Believe it or not ppl

  5. boom! – if they WERE pumping oxygen into the place to revive gamblers…it would blow up from the people smoking!

  6. i want an oxygen pumping machine – Haha if thats true im going to work in a casino and tamper with their oxygen pumping machine and change it to helium. hahaha and they’d all be like eeee lol. mmmm i think something must be getting pumped into this room.

  7. WTF? – It never ceases to amaze me, on how stupid people can actually be!! NO numbnuts, they do no pump O2 into the rooms. Normal human O2 saturation levels are the same indoors as out, unless of course your in an AIRTIGHT enclosure. Plus O2 would not “revive” anyone that is fatigued.

  8. Apples, too! – I bet they also spike the drinks with apple juice, ’cause I read on this very website that apples are a more effective stimulant than coffee.

    It would be fun if they actually did spike the air, but with nitrous oxide. Remember the dentist scene in one of the Pink Panther movies, where his fake nose melts?

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