I Hope Not Mine

22,000 checks will be deducted from the wrong bank accounts in the next hour.

10 thoughts on “I Hope Not Mine”

  1. How do you know? – Are you in the banking industry? Have you ever stopped to consider the enormous amount of financial bandwidth piping through the plumbing of the worlds monetary sewers? How many banks in your town? How many in your state? How many in the world? Think on that before you hastily retort.

  2. Agree – Geez Begby- who peed in your cornflakes? who rained on your parade? I agree with Sigil and worthless facts guy, begby prob didnt consider the fact that there are 6 billion PLUS people in this world and a lot have bank accounts, so 22,000 out of that number isn’t a lot. Just having a perspective!

  3. Etc – Ok well da guy made a comment and he was apparently wrong, u ppl dont have 2 shove it in his face that our banking system is crappy, and dont go bitching 2 me that 22,000 is an OK # 2 deal w/.

  4. haha – worthless facts guy, you’re pretty funny. where do you find all of these worthless facts anyways?

  5. Vaginal Intake Of Marijuana Leads To Cancer – Factguy, if you even are the “moderator” of this site, you cannot be even remotely trusted with the facts you display onto this site. This site cannot be credited with anything, for it has so many grammatical mistakes, factual mistakes, and contradictions, it makes it ridiculous. Next time you would like to become the “Fact King” or whatever, try to research more into depth, and not take peoples’ idiotic words on it. “Chicle” is Spanish for pretty woman.

  6. may i point out… – May i point out that the name of this site is worthless facts, not trustworthy facts

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