Hurt Me

In America 11,000 people per year are injured while trying new and strange sexual positions.

17 thoughts on “Hurt Me”

  1. Correct! – My girlfriend had the back of her skull blown away after my monster money shot went off in her throat. They tried charging me with murder but the DA didn’t know how to charge Death by Cock!!

  2. tru dat – this girl i know actually hyperextended her knee while having sex with this kid..she told people she “fell off the couch” but her best friend told me differently lol

  3. Get a life – Keep your minds out of the gutter and your cocks out of unmarried girls’ pants. That’s sick and against the Bible. You may say, “Shut up, Jesus Freak,” now, but it’s not me you’re going to answer to. It’s not even the pregnant teen’s parents. It’s God. Life is short. Pray hard.

  4. Ahem – I do not agree with you D&C, not because I don’t approve of sexuality but because I think jesus freaks are stupid and racist. It was because of your stupid inferior book of lies and faerie tales called The Bible that makes people hate to Jewish and the Homosexuals. (Panzer is an all too good example of racists religous freaks.) I’m especially annoyed that you catholics and cristians are trying to outlaw gay marriges, Gay people are people too and they deserve the right to get married. If we prevent them from getting married then we’re just like Saddam. Taking rights away from your equals. Convert to athiest and learn the truth!

  5. heh – I know you can break the penis… you can bend the penis and tear the muscles in it. Woman on top will do it..if it were to slip out of her, the lovely pubic bone would come crashing down upon the penis ‘breaking’ the muscle resulting in a hideously girlish scream of horror and pain… the penis would swell rather quickly and if medical attention were not recieved soon permanent damage (being able to piss around the corner?) would be likely.

  6. No comment – Whoa, somebody reads the KarmaSatra or whatever its named. And i do say so myself, people are the ones who want to try new things, to explore. Instead they hurt themselves. Irony, isn’t it? Besides, Deadbob, YOU are the one pointing out All the catholics and christians believe that, therefore, judging them. i wouldn’t go that far. You just believe what you read on this screen. READ THOROUGHLY, plz.

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