Hemp Declaration

The Declaration of Independence was written on paper made from hemp.

5 thoughts on “Hemp Declaration”

  1. HA HA HA HA – That’s pretty awesome nowadays but back then, they didn’t even care cuz they didn’t know what it was for. if only I were alive back then. Oh, ya know only 45% of ppl who say they’ve tried weed actually have.

  2. Hemp – Hemp would solve our wood, clothing and fuel problems. Hemp will also clear the arteries. The government doesn’t want hemp on the market.

  3. who cares – yeah, so since they signed the Declaration of Independence lets legalize it. I bet you were told that while drowing your brain with massive bonghits with your buddies. Any proof to this? probably not. Go numb yourself and get even more stupid and post some more pot facts like “all the founding fathers grew hemp man and smoked it all the time”

  4. Guess what? – Hemp IS NOT marijuana. Pot is the leaves, while hemp is the stem. You can’t get high off of hemp. It’s only good for paper and clothes. It’s outlawed because the government has this ridiculous drug “war” going on and don’t want any connection to any drugs. So why are there still poppyseed bagels? (poppys are used to make opium.)

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