Hangin’ Elephants

On September 13th, 1916 an elephant that had killed a man was hanged until dead from a rail road crain in Erwin, Tennesee. On their first attempt the elephant fell to the ground. It was very sad.

15 thoughts on “Hangin’ Elephants”

  1. yea… – what stupid @$$hole thought to hang a elephant??? omg, thats just not rite! this just pisses me off!

  2. What the? – Hang him?! If you were gonna kill him (which in itself is insane), use a more humane method!

  3. why?? – Why not just shoot the thing, or give it a lethal injection? surely that would be easier…

  4. ummm… – ok? that is the stupidest peice of shoot i have ever heard of!
    a) elephants are not killers, they only attack if nessisary, if they were being threatened or somthing, so the man must have had it coming
    b)how could they HANG an elephant? it would take like years just to find a stronge enough rope
    c) it is totally inhumane, you would think that people back then would have a little more sence

  5. wow – who was the genius behind this who figured out the very intelligent and safe way of killing an ELEPHANT? just curious.

  6. shoot it – well if i wa stupid enough to kill an elephant cause it killed a human ( which the man probably provoked the animal to defend itself) then i would of just shot it. its more human and hell its just plain easier

  7. Nothing personal – I have nothing against southereners, i am one, but hey, that’s Tennessee for you!

  8. Well you know… – Elephants are well hung. And it’s a crane, not crain. Reading these comments I’m beginning to doubt some of you have more than a 4th grade education.

  9. Wow… – *I don’t understand how someone could have the heart to hang a freakin elephant…..i mean jeez, he obviously had a reason for doing what he did. Hanging an elephant……wow

  10. LOL – Maybe I’m just in my sadistic mood but…lol..man..just picture the elephant hanging there…that’s kind of funny!

  11. Um… – Okay, just a question: How did an elephant get in Erwin, Tennesee in the first place? Was it like, in a zoo or something? Because I was under the impression that elephants are native to Africa and Asia. I was just wondering….

  12. Here’s the the story… – I personally did not beleive this when I read it. But you can read and see a picture at this address: “http://www.ebolamusic.com/art/hangingelephant/”. Includes actual pictre taken of the elephant hanging. Apparently some sick person thought that that picture of humanity at its worst and most bizarre is “art”. You can buy this “art” piece for $300 ($400 framed). All I can say is…… wow. If you would like to read the complete story, go to this site:

  13. omg – holy crap! i’ve seen that picture, i thought sum guy painted that or sumthing. that’s messed up.

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