Got Any Coke Man?

The origional Coca cola was so named because it did, in fact, contain cocaine. Today, however, the coke cans labeled “original” do not contain any cocaine.

8 thoughts on “Got Any Coke Man?”

  1. Petty comment re: Cocaine – Mostly true, but we have to remember that Cocaine is a manufactured product. Coca-cola has never contained Cocaine, and at this rate never will. It did how ever contain traces from the Coca plant, which is also the base ingredient for Cocaine.

  2. The Truth About Coke – Coca Cola was produced with miniscule, but not trace amounts of the byproduct of coca plants, the unprocessed form of cocaine, it was sold, ironically, as a relaxing drink rather than a stimulant. The reason Original is added to bottles of Coke is that in the 80’s-90’s(not sure exactly when) Coke came out with New Coke, sweetened with corn syrup, but it was disliked so the mixed sugar and corn syrup in different proportions and call it Classic because it contains the original sweetener…sugar.

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