Goldfish Vision

The common goldfish is the only animal that can see both infrared and ultraviolet light. That means that when you use your remote control they see a huge burst of light.

10 thoughts on “Goldfish Vision”

  1. Ah.. – So that’s why my goldfish quakes in fear when I turn the TV on! I thought it was just the woman from the AOL advert scaring him.

  2. gosh – tvs pick up radio waves not infrared- and humans can see infrared lights too (it has a reddish color)

  3. someasiangirl is an idiot – have you ever heard of the visible light spectrum??? infared, “beyond red”, and ultraviolet, you must know what ultra means ultra (too much) and add violet to get “too violet” beyond violet to be seen. what colors are they??? hmmm… uhhhh… reddish
    your ingnorance is embarassing to the human race. just say this for every one quickly “would you like fries with that”, that is more your league.
    when you look at your magical microwave oven do you see those waves??? NO because they are out of the visible spectrum.
    “would you like that super sized???” practice makes perfect.

  4. wrong – Humans can’t see ultraviolet light. What is used to scan bar codes is just a common laser. I think bees can see ultraviolet light too, but I’m not sure if they can see regular light.

  5. am I right?? – Gaminguy who told u that humans kan’t see ultraviolet light?? I think u got that konfused, ultraviolet light is used to help humans see something what they kan’t see under regular light, if I’m wrong someone korrect me. But anyways goldfishes are dumb.

  6. humans cant – humans cant see ultra violet rays, those are the things that give u sunburns, but bees can see them, that is how they see the pollen on flowers

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