18 thoughts on “Gasoline”

  1. umm… no – sorry, but it’s not illegal, it’s just one of those laws that was made a hundred years ago and is not enforced, and btw, ohio does NOT suck, it’s an awesome state!

  2. disagree – it is not illegal to run out of gas its jus dat no one cares bout it if you do and ohio does blow “btw”

  3. on ohio…. – i used to live there…it was the most boring place i had ever been, and still is. there is nothing to do in that stupid town

  4. Ohio doesnt suck! – The whole gas thing cant be true because ive seen way to many cars on the side of the road and i myself have ran out of gas… but yeah ohio doesnt suck.. in my opinion neways. maybe those of u who think ohio sucks just lived in the wrong part of ohio. and for some1 lost me… ohio is a state now a town :) u may have just typed it wrong? but oh well im letting you know anways

  5. u all suck – ive seen 7 people run out of gas on 1 freeway in an hour. none got arrested, and OHIO IS A HELL OF A LOT BETTER THAN MICHIGAN!

  6. ur wrong – Ohio is awsome. Cleveland rocks with the Rock’n’roll Hall Of Fame. Our sports suck in Cleveland though.

  7. In response to “some1 lost me…” – Contrary to your belief, Ohio isn’t a town. It’s a state.

  8. Look another cow – Hey i agree with lee kansas does suck. there is nothing to do. but sit and stare in to nothingness or play video games. The barbeque is good though so kansas has one good thing about it plus the kc masterpiece barbeque sauce

  9. The cows are invading!! – Yep i live in kansas and the only interesting thing that ever happens here is a tornado.

  10. illegal to run out of gas…u wish!!! – That is the most bullshoot worthless fakt I’ve ever heard!!

  11. Ohio – The only thing Ohio has going for it is that since it’s directly underneath Michigan they can call it the South. And I don’t know why that would be anything to brag about.

  12. that cant be a fact…:S – the guy who made this site lost me in about a million places. he says for a fact that there are all these laws that are so [out of it]. ummmm i really think that before ya state that a really werid law is a fact, you should check the date on it. i mean like, you just KNOW something so werid just cannot be enforced.

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