Food Poisoning

In the United States bacteria in foods cause 6.5 million to 33 million cases of human illness and 9,000 deaths annually.

4 thoughts on “Food Poisoning”

  1. Hey Whizegirl… – u have a lot of ppl who do a lot nasty shoot with the food, u have ppl who don’t wash their hands, serving food that’s insanitary, having insekts around and on the food, dropping the food on the floor and still serving it to kustomers….I mean there’s kountless ways kustomers kan get sick from eating food from what the chef cooks, but unfortunately we just don’t know what the hell be going on in the kitchen…do we? Chefs are just nasty nowadays and some of the shoot they do…they just do it I wouldn’t doubt that Food Poisoning topil is a fakt

  2. Hey Santana – Here as a token of apology I want to give you this *hands a large bowl of soup to Santana* Oh and don’t mind that box of rat poison in there, it’s sterile… I think.

  3. Hey Deadbob… – Why is it on some of these worthless fakts u act mature, but on the other half u act like a lil kid? Grow up, and leave Santana alone.

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