Flying Chickens

The longest recorded flight time of a chicken is thirteen seconds.

7 thoughts on “Flying Chickens”

  1. Incredible – 13 secs, may sound short, but it’s not! A chicken flying for 13 secs iz astonishing…It would be a good idea to catch this on T.V, I’d love to see it.

  2. Chickens – 13 seconds IS a lot if you think about it. Also considering that chickens can’t (or aren’t SUPPOSED) to fly…that’s great! What i want to know is when was this, and have there been any records broken since then?

  3. Flying Chickens – I do not find myself surprised that a winged animal can fly. I’m more interested in the theory of when Donkeys or Pigs can sustain an period of 10 seconds of flight…Now that would be an interesting factoid. And with that I pass…

  4. fly high – what if you threw it out of a very high building? what’s the difference between flying and falling? if you’re flapping your wings, it’s still flying…

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