Fish Museum

Sweden will be home of the worlds first fermented harring museum.

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  1. Surströmming – Fermented herring are called surströmming here in Sweden and are not the pickled ones.. they actually have ‘gone bad’ and smell horrible. But they package them in tins and sell them that way and there are people who love them! They are supposed to be best when the tin swells up!
    There are about 20 companies that make them, all small operations, and they dont release their tins for sale until the 3rd Thursday in August. It is a tradition here. Some people actually complained recently that they were not available all year, so the government got in on the act, passing a law saying that surströmming must be sold year round. The manufacturers got together, and all signed a pledge not to release any tins until the third Thursday in August, and that ended that. If people want them all year, they must buy a lot and save them.
    By the way, it is a tradition here to give all newcomers to Sweden a taste of surströmming, along with a glass of ice cold schnapps. We did that with some visiting Norweigans, and everyone tried a piece. The leftovers we put on the ground for our dog Igor. He sniffed the plate and promptly peed on it, which shows you what the average person thinks of surströmming. You must eat them outdoors, as the smell will chase you out of the house!!

  2. Vad du vet mycket! – Hur kan du veta så mycket om något så snuskigt som surströmming?
    Blö! Hatar surströmming.

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