15 thoughts on “Fear Stinks”

  1. yes they can – They can smell, however not in the manner humans do, they smell with their antennae. Hornets and wasps emit a pheromone when stinging, which others of the colony will “smell”. The colony will hone in on this, and often sting in the same area.

  2. Why? – Why would Bee’s need to smeel fear anyway? Its not as if they strike fear into the hearts of their prey…namely – Flowers.

  3. ??? – How is that possible? I’m afarid of bees but they don’t act any different. Besides fear is a concept, and you can’t smell a concept

  4. well… – If by smelling people you mean attack people running from them, or scared of them, then what if the person who was bitten was not scared, could we say that dogs bite people to make them scared?? No, it is stupid to assume that dogs can smell fear, it would be like saying cats can smell joy, that is stupid.

  5. Actually… – Dogs, bees ect. ect. don’t necessarily “smell” fear, they sense it. When we (humans) get scared we there is a chemical change in us that the animal senses.

  6. yea – nightshade is right. Dogs can definitly sense fear as well as other emotions. And of course cats can’t smell joy – because they’re stupid! haha no, animals definitly have that ‘sixth sense’ about them. have you never heard those stories where the cat saves the baby by alerting the parent that the kid isn’t breathing???

  7. smelling fear is not an elementary tale – fear can be smelt- its smells like a mixture or copper and urine- you may not realize it but you give off a smelly sweat and a bit of urine( in very small un noticeable amounts- to humans at least)

  8. oh?? – are you sure it’s only “a bit of urine”? I’ve seen people pee like waterfall when they get scared…better yet, people shoot too

  9. they sound right to me – lilpiggy and niteshade, the both of u seem right about it. It just sounds right, at least I ran into 2 ppl who wrote down something that makes sense

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