Dave Matthews No Fight

Dave Matthews relocated to the United States to avoid service in the South African Military.

6 thoughts on “Dave Matthews No Fight”

  1. Thank You – even though avoiding service is kind of not good…thankfully they came here cause their music is awesome!

  2. yellow belly – so the little coward was afraid of a lttle rough treatment. CRISIS is right : D. M. Band is one of the most boring acts I’ve ever seen. bring back good ol’ hard rockin’ rock ‘n’ roll!

  3. loser – the only good kinds of music r punk rock and metal- none of that crappy stuff like dave matthews… and hews just a little coward that doesnt even kno wat a rock is- no less the music

  4. Dickhead… – If it’s morons like you who like punk rock and metal, it’s no surprise that those genres of music are ridiculed. You probably secretely love the Spice Girls, loser.

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