Chocolate Death

Chocolate kills dogs. Chocolate affects a dog’s heart and nervous system. A few ounces is enough to kill a small sized dog.

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  1. Chocloate Death MYTH – The Internet is full of misinformation about chocolate’s toxicity to dogs. Strictly speaking, it is not true that chocolate is poisonous to dogs. The myth comes from questionable stories about dogs dying after getting into baking chocolate. If true, it would be because baking chocolate has a high concentration of theobromine, a substance similar to caffeine. In large doses, and we’re talking pounds, theobromine can make anyone sick and possibly lead to death.

    Milk chocolate does not have that high a concentration of theobromine; it’s mostly sugar. Dogs tend to gorge on food, and it’s possible that given enough chocolate – pfffft. Possible, but not likely.

  2. Proof – My 22-pound shetland sheepdog ate an entire bag of Hershey’s kisses, threw up for two days, and was fine.

  3. Super Dog – My 60 pound mutt ate an entire batch of freshly baked brownies and half of a fairly large bag of m&m’s one night. She got a little bloated, but didn’t get sick or die.

  4. DEAD – My english 6th grade english teachers terrier ate a snickers bar and bit the big one, I swear it

  5. … – my adult black lab ate two chocolate pies and all my easter candy one night when we were not home and shes fine as ever… plus she has gotten into rat poison, been stung all over by bees, and tons of other things, and the most she ever had was a bloody nose and an upset stomach… im telling the complete truth

  6. Thats NOT true – A LOT of chocolate is enough to kill a small sized (toy) dog.
    It dosen’t affect the heart or nervous system, it causes an allergic reaction in the lungs. If your dog ever does digest chocolate, feed it milk.

  7. Beg To Differ – That’s not true. One of my friends hates her mothers dog because once that dog dies, they’re getting a way cooler dog. So heard that chocolate kills dogs and she left her carton of whoppers on the kitchen counter. The dog got into the carton and ate all of them. And it’s not dead. It also eats brownies, M&M’s and Hershey’s bars.

  8. Actually… – Actually dogs don’t die from the chocolate itself they actually die from a chemical that is used to coat chocolate. You know the stuff that makes your hershey bar shiny.

  9. Canubara – You mean Canubara wax? The stuff thats used in car washes? The stuff that Xerox (a chemical company) uses? You mean the same stuff that also coats Smarties? I think you do

  10. My name was Weena and I died from Hersey Kisses! – I was 7 lb daschuand (sp) sorry I’m wasn’t allowed in school. Anyways, I found a silver shiny bag of Hersey Kisses on the couch where my owner left it in a dark room, perfect I thought and oh was it good, after eating about 1/2 lb of it and some foil, yuck spit most of that out on the carpet but it was worth it, yum yum. So then I try to sneak back into the Master bedroom when my stomach started feeling sick, so I vomit all over the carpet, uh oh I thought I’m gonna get it, but no my owners help me and then find that I had gotten Chocolate, so they continue to help me vomit and pump me full of liquids. About 3 hrs later I was feeling great, running playing, not so good at 3 am but then I finally crashed and fell asleep. Next day I didn’t feel so good and could barely lift my head to drink water, but with help from owner I got some, and drank well for the day, slept most of it which is average for me. owners weren’t to worried cause I had eating everything from mice to medication when grand pa wasn’t looking to chocolate and chicken bones. I started to feel sick about 48 hrs after eating chocolate and the Runs started, which owners thought was good and I peed on myself which they seemed relieved about but then I had a siezure and wow that was the scariest, but it past and mommy and daddy held me and rocked me which I stopped by vomiting on them some more. Then I slipped in and out of coma when in I was force feed water and when out of it I’d stumble and fall stumble and fall until about 90 some plus hours after I ate the chocolate I slipped into a coma and never woke up. Mommy came home to find me dead.

    Chocolate is not a safe thing to leave lying where a dog can reach.

    It’s not a myth, ask a vet.
    10 onces on Milk chocolate can be fatal in small dogs
    20 in larger dogs

    Chocolate is not poisonous it’s an ingrediant in chocolate that is.
    Once baked cooking chocolate becomes less potent then Milk chocolate.

    Theobromine is as was stated prior like caffeine and speeds up the heart to the point of permenant damage in most cases even if slight it’s permenant. This also inturn can cause kidney failure and eventually death.

  11. chocolate – ok…im agree with the fact that chocolate will make some dogs sick….but not all, my dog got a hold of a hershey’s bar…he is a rat terrier…anyway…he just threw it up…its a natural reaction some humans do it too

  12. Never Enough – It is a fact that chocholate can kill dogs. I do work for a vet. It can kill them, but, it takes 8ounces of chocholate for every pound of dog to kill them. But, most dogs reset their meter by trowing up, pooping, whatever. Also, it is very uncommon and almost impossible for a dog to consume the amount needed for death because their stomach can not usually hold the amount without throwing up.

  13. The facts… – The main cause of deaths from chocolate is from Theobromine, a chemical that is present in cocoa, concentrations are the greatest for unsweetened bakers chocolate which at its purest form contains roughly 10 times as much theobromine as milk chocolate on an ounce per ounce basis.

    The LD is roughly 2/3oz of bakers chocolate per 2 pounds of dog, but serious illness and death can occur from lesser amounts, typically from heart failure. Another reason why it is bad for dogs is it can cause worms to develop.

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