10 thoughts on “Chinese Yo-Yo”

  1. The Yo-Yo – The Yo-Yo did not originate in ancient China, but in Thailand, and it was used as a wepon.

  2. Whisegirl – Like the boomarang it was originaly created to be a weapon. you would swing the yoyo around and smack people with it. Those who were very good at it also knew vital points in the body where they could strike and knock out, or even kill an enemy. DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF THE YOYO!!!!!!!

  3. i thought the yo-yo was stared “in da hood” – you know
    “yo-yo what up my brother?”
    “i’m just chillin yo”
    “rilly yo?
    “you wana go smoke a blunt yo?
    “yo-yo ya yo”

  4. yoyo – The yoyo first turned into a toy on my home country the Philippines. A brilliant Filipino had an idea from the original yoyo and made the now famous toy yoyo .The First Yoyo Toy was made from wood.
    (Note:Filipinos are people who are citizens in Philippines)

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