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  1. umm… – goodluckduck – The Hemp used in unsmokeable as a source of THC, the chemical that is found in marajuana. It is treated so that that it cannot be used to absorb any THC, much like hemp clothing, which is used because it is stronger and more resistant to other things, such as fire.

  2. Hemp – Even if money was made of Hemp you cant smoke it cause the chemical in weed that gets you high is called THC and since Hemp is dried up the THC is gone so thiers no point in wishing it still was mad of Hemp :)

  3. Hemp – Even if money was made of Hemp you cant smoke it cause the chemical in weed that gets you high is called THC and since Hemp is dried up the THC is gone so thiers no point in wishing it still was made of Hemp :)

  4. Grr. – I don’t mind the druggies, I’m annoyed by the people who can’t spell, punctuate or use grammar correctly. For example “sight” instead of “site”. However, still not as annoying as this idiotic “text speak” or whatever the Hell you call it. Seriously, how much longer does it take to type ‘you’ than with ‘u’?

  5. ur an idiot!!!!!!! – -mizzaberry-who cares about punctuation!!!!!!this is about worthless facts not freakin’ puncuation!!!!!!sheesh
    and 1 more thing,when you say what a word sounds like instead of spelling it the right way its called misspelling not punctuation.

  6. a little of the topic – wow, the topic went from money being made out of cotton, to druggies, then to misspelling and punctuation…………………………

  7. This site is so much fun!! – I used to come here for the facts and whatever but now I search all the topics for the one with the most comments, and then read the convos and arguments, and most of em are pretty cool. Damn I need to get a life….Hey do u guys actually consider pot a drug? Cuz….I mean its from the ground, and natrual and stuff….

  8. it’s true, and mizzaberrry shut up with the proper grammer shoot – Mizzaberry, who gives a frag if no one ain’t using proper grammer, spelling and all that other shoot. This aint english klass, ppl do that shoot in english klass. Back to the topic money is made from kotton. That’s true

  9. Moron – Why teach you proper grammar in English class if your only going to use it in English class? Besides, taking the small amount of time to make your writing understandable is well worth it. Good luck with your resume. “i wnat dis job cause i tink i can help u ppl and shoot” Well, I suppose if your a lifeless hick nobody will care enough about what you say to worry if your grammar is legible.

  10. Mizzaberry/Moxie – Thank you mizzaberry! I hate all the misspelling, punctuation, and grammar errors that litter this site. An extra three seconds per paragraph isn’t much to sacrafice for a more readable fact or comment.
    Also…you’re right Moxie! I just realized that. I used to come here and see facts, now I just join in arguments, correct people, and make crude sarcastic remarks! Wow, I need a life too.

  11. Definitely – Yes, grammar and spelling were created SO THAT PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY READ THINGS. If I, for example, accidentally typed ‘i’ instead of ‘I’, nobody will care, but why the HELL would I do it on purpose? I promise you that it takes twice as long to read “taht $hi7 i5 50 L337 lol”, than it does to read “Wow, I need a life!” and you say the same thing! Oh, and as far as reading and posting just for the argument, “biblical leniancy” in the religion set is probably the best place to post. People there keep getting angry, and shouting via their keyboards. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Anyway, in reply to some hemp comments – Hemp was a very useful cash crop for a long time because of its durability and usefulness in all sorts of things, not the least of it were clothes and paper. But then a newspaper came out with lots of news about how people were smoking this new drug called “marijuana (“hemp” in spanish), and how we had to stop growing it or else! Of course, these articles more than anything else caused marijuana to become a popular drug, and eventually hemp became illegal to grow in the US. You can still import it, however, assuming it has been treated to be unsmokable, it is just much more expensive. It’s a shame, really. I never realized that money was made out of hemp though… interesting.

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