Cannabis and Death

No-one has ever died from smoking cannabis

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  1. cannabis thing – hell yea man!! ive been sayin it for years. its impossible to o.d. from too much mary jane*** thats all i gotta say man thats fu**in cool though

  2. What the frick… – Alright, obviously the moron who put this “worthless fact on here was misleaded. I am in a group at my highschool call PRIDE.We are a world wide organization that promots safe and drug free youth. Not only are we agenst it we do research on our facts to make sure we know what we are talking about…”weed” as it is sometimes called is dangerous. people die EVERY DAY! There are also things as over doses with it. yes, it may not be a large amout but it is possible. I like this web-site but if you are going to start putting crap like this on here we should start calling it “worless lies” cuz that was one of the most untrue things I have ever heard…think about it…why do you think its called DOPE??…its more dangerous than you think

  3. Engrish – Hrrm, obviously Misfit_102 needs to take some more English classes.
    Examples: “misleaded” “group call PRIDE” “there are also things as over doses”
    Do you really think anyone is going take you seriously when your writing and composition skill is obviously below that of a retarded sixth grader on crack? Maybe you should spend less time in high school espousing government funded research prattle and more time hitting the English/writing books.
    P.S. Your punctuation sucks too.

  4. The Frick – The frick is that weed is good and you are bad. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Oh wait, you don’t do that. Maybe you should, then you wouldn’t take an entertainment site like this so seriously.

  5. Alright… – Okay, thank you very much for pointing out that I “can’t spell” Infact, I DON’T CARE! I was expressing my opinion and not trying to win a grammer and usage award! And maybe you should check your refrences again…P.R.I.D.E. is NOT a government based program. It a world wide organization to help save lives…I think you are the one on crack! Also, I am right your opinion doesn’t hurt me because I am not going to let it!
    Oh, P.S. It should make you feel much better at night too knowing you put down a young person for voicing something that parents would love their children to believe in…
    Just remember when you have children some day and they are doing drugs…you will remember who told you this

  6. Facts – First of all I wasn’t referring to PRIDE being government funded. I was referring to the “facts” that you so dilligently research. But since YOU mentioned it PRIDE recieves government subsidized grants for local and state k-12 programs. (just for your information) And judging from their crappy website they need every penny of it. Also I don’t plan on having kids, so as not to contribute to overpopulation. If only people possessing a lower IQ than I would do the same the world would be a much happier place. Hrrmm well then again who would cook my burger?

  7. FACTS?!?!?! – I have been wracking my brain for hours trying to figure out where you people got the notion that this site has anything to do with facts, and I simply cannot produce an answer. This site is about water polo and water polo alone.

  8. Oh Yeah – I was wondering what was up with all the short gay men with really long hammers, running around this place.

  9. wrong again – To the fact guy- I realize that not all of thses are facts, but the thing of it is people today are very influential…they would read something like this and automatically think its okay to smoke because it doesn’t hurt you…When the truth of the matter is it WILL hurt you…
    And to the other person who keeps telling me saying I am “dumb” and shoot…get a life. How mature do you honestly think you are sitting here night after night fighting with me about something I am allowed not to be so good at. I AM IN SCHOOL DAMMIT SO I AM STILL LEARNING…So frag off…I’m sorry I’m not perfict like you!
    And also, P.R.I.D.E. is for grades highschool to adult. Then there is also club-P.R.I.D.E. for those who are in middle school.
    And as for that buger, get off your own lazy ass and cook it your self…Bitch…

  10. :P – Awww, whats the matter bitch, I crack out the “heavy” words and you run crying?? Yea, you were willing to fight with me when I was being nice, but now that I lost it with you, you run? You are such a fraging wuss!…
    Or is it that you just can’t figure out how the hell to cook that burger??…

  11. Trolling – Misfit, what you don’t realize is that Sigil is doing what we who frequent message boards call “trolling.” Trolling is posting comments meant to inflame other posters. We’ve known for a long time that Sigil is full of sh^t. (the most recent example is a feature article in last month’s U.S. News and World Report on how sea fish have high levels of Mercury)

    I think you need to pipe down (no pun intended). The only person I’ve seen who actually believes this fact is greenidetoker420. I sure don’t believe it. What I’d like to happen is for some pot head to read this fact and use it in a high-school report, while citing That would be funny, him writing the report, and the teacher giving him an F for using bad sources.

  12. Respect – My opinion:
    If you want to die young go ahead and smoke pot
    If you want to oppose drugs go ahead and do so
    PPl have different views
    Respect them!!

  13. Here are the facts – pot can cause severe brain damage but it itself cannot kill you. also, maybe misfit102 should take English 102

  14. Here’s My Opinion – First of all, Misfit102 or whatever, you have your own opinions. I’ll give you that. But, I’m sorry hun, you are wrong. Did you check to make sure that your facts were legit before you decided to post your fraged up comments? I have never even heard of someone being killed by their over-usage of weed. I smoke weed. I don’t smoke it often, but i smoke it. More brain cells are killed off by drinking alcohol than smoking weed. But, its only the slower brain cells that are killed off. So therefore, wouldn’t we be better off? You really need to check your facts before posting some tripped out comments on a totally bogus website. Its the internet for Christ sakes. Chill the frag out. Oh and by the way, brain cells replenish themselves over time anyways. Have you ever even smoked pot? No, probably not. Don’t knock it until you try it. And I agree with everyone else that has posted against your lack of respect for the English language. Who gives a flying frag if you are posting on the internet? You still need to show some r-e-s-p-e-c-t. Learn some proper English and then try to prove your point!

  15. ITS true… – I read some studies on Marijuana because i did a paper on it. Well so this scientists did a study on rats which he injected large amounts of THC the drug that gets a person high which is in Marijuana and no rat died. He also injected rats with Aclochol and Nictine and which both killed the rats. Also i just have read on AOL news that some scientists did a study and Marijuana causes little to no brain damage so little that it doesn’t matter… So how is Marijuana bad?

  16. worthless fact – ok who ever said u can od on weed is partly correct how ever it is unlikely as u would need to smoke 10% of ur body weight example if a person weighs 250lbs u would have to smoke 2.5lbs of weed and i have yet to see someone smoke that much and as far as i know no one has ever done it. look it up its true

  17. A few things to say – Everyone who has ever worn a hat in their lifetime will die, same goes for those who don’t, their deaths may not have anything at all to do with hats, but within half a second my mind was able to come up with a stupid, unfounded, yet true statement. As for sigil, while your argument was well written, you lost out on your comment about water polo, for one, you can’t run in the water, and hammers are not used, your throw the ball, and you don’t run in normal polo, you ride horses… geesh

  18. red – to od on pot the 250lb guy would have to smoke 25lbs, thats 10%, also , extremly unlikely

  19. Misfit_102 person – Just letting u know u sound like a pothead when u cannot even spell against (Not agenst) dumbass! and the only death i have heard from chronic is thier was a big fat guy sitting smoking bud and he was sitting in a chair and when he got up to get something to drink he fell and hit is head on the stove because weed makes u feel heavy, and have slow reactions. and he died from a blow to the head. I feel terrible sorry for the person :(

  20. HAHHA! YOU GUYS! – you guys are halarious! anywho…yes you can die from weed. i dont remember the basketball players name, all that matters is that he DIED! he was at a party and he smoked some week and drank some alcohol *which increases the effect of weed* and he O.D.’d for he was allergic to weed. SO HA! YOU CAN DIE! haha

  21. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! – You guys make me laugh!Half of the comments on this fact is about wether or not all smoking kills you.Will you guys just shutup!

  22. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! – You guys make me laugh!Half of the comments on this fact is about wether or not all smoking kills you.Will you guys just shutup!

  23. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! – You guys make me laugh!Half of the comments on this fact is about wether or not all smoking kills you.Will you guys just shutup!

  24. more facts – just to settle this rather pointless arguement i will say that yes it is possible to die while on this wonderful herb, but the death is usually caused by the intoxication caused by the mj, not the mj itself, unlike alcohol which is the cause of numerous deaths each year, and actually promotes violence while intoxicated, unlike marijuana which will merely mellow you out. and if people got their facts straight and knew how benifical this plant is really is then we could take it “off the streets” and out the “terrorists” hands as most anti-marijuana groups commonly believe and make use of this wonderful plant as it was meant to be used.

  25. LOL – omg marijuana is terrible! its EVIL!!!!!!!!!!! it will kill you with just one toke most people drop dead within 15 seconds of inhaling it !!!!!!!
    and if ya believe that i got some seaside property in arizona i want to sell to you ….. ok no ONE has died from smoking pot… may have died while on pot but not from smoking it! its illegal banned frowned upon by society today. but funny thing is alcohol is legal and readily available to almost everyone i know everyone here knows that kids under 21 get alcohol all the time and guess what ..drink too much and it will kill you ! alcohol poisoning check it out .
    and not to mention how many people die from drunk driving accidents because alcohol destroys all coordination and thinking ability. hmmm OD on weed? LMMFAO guess what you cant physically smoke enough weed to OD you would succumb to the sleep from the relaxing effects long before you were able to smoke enough to OD on it. just to set the record straight ..its idiots like misfit running around talking about stuff they havent a clue on is why MJ is illegal today and as for when i have a kid…i do have a kid a healthy 13 yr old girl who is very intelligent gets real good grades in school is perfect in every way she doesnt smoke pot but she does know i do and knows all about it because i have discussed this with her in great detail and if more people actually educated thier kids about things such as this they wouldnt be idiots like misfit running around .
    and for the retard who stated that marijuana smoking causes extreme brain damage?? LMMFAO ok here is the scenario for ya ok einstein i am a 35 yr old male i have been married for 17 years ,smoking weed for 20 years, i have an IQ of 137 i make 75k a year in my OWN business
    i can read anything and remember it in school i took my books home at start of the year read them front to back and didnt use them for the rest of the year A and B student ….uh seems like weed sure did alot of damage to my brain ….wow if it hadnt been for all the brain damage from the weed i smoked i might have actually made something out of my life huh ?

  26. WHAT THE FU** – What is so great about drugs!? You get stoned so you can’t think straight, get arrested, and blow all you’re money on ruining you’re life!! Why the hell does anyone want to do them!? What’s in it for them??????????

  27. What does drugs do for us? – Choronic gets us high nigga!!!!!!!! smokin the buuuuuddddaaaaaa just like luuuudddaaacris smokin cannabis, cant make me stop, when not for tweed ill smokin a fat rock, smoke them blunts get high as shoot, look at my eyes id be hella ripped, please dont take my herb away, ill have to buy more and smoke another day, dont play with it please leave me alone, ill take and leave smoke some at home, got no chornic??? get some jin and tonix, drink till u cant see,eyes be dazed from hella haze and weed (ok well i have to go enough with me rap ill finish later but Thats what drugs do for u gaminguy)

  28. Finishing Rap – Ok heres the rest of my rap!!! ((((Listen That magical herb, flipping the bird, gets me as high as i want, pull out the green please dont front, everytime i see the blunt in my face, i start to smoke and hope that shoot aint laced, when i feel that repercution, makes my head start rushin, with every last dime out of my pocket i have, goes to a big fluff light green bag. didnt know i could make a rap about mary jane, shoot my shoot’s so good its grows in the rain! i got big ol pot leaves hanging from my ear, i look at the green shoot and start to drop a tear, because i love it, ill never let i go, i got 1…..2……3 bucks and 4, so im gonna end this rap and end this song, while i go pack my bowl and smoke from the bong!!!!!!!!) Thanks Thanks this rap has taken me about 2 min to think of so sorry its so shootty!!!


  30. You know……………. – I like water polo.Anyways all you guys talk way to much.It’s drugs.He did not say what kind of drugs,so it could kill you or it can’t kill you.So just stop thinkingabout it.Okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. haha – first off, misfit is a fraging retard who sucks his cock ( if he even has 1)…second, what the frag is all of this water polo shoot??? this is about weed nnot water polo…and third i would just like to say that one of the first posts on this page was posted on 4:20 …. yay 4-20

  32. whizegirl – just thought i’d say that it does state which drug, it says; “Cannabis and Death – no-one has ever died from smoking cannabis” so that indicates to me that we’re supposed to be talking about cannabis…you know, just a random thought….

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