Bus Germs

In a University of Arizona study, rails and armsrests in public buses were found to be contaminated by the highest concentration of bodily fluids.
-Maxim Magazine

12 thoughts on “Bus Germs”

  1. Ew… – I’m never getting on the school bus again. That’s gotta be the worst. I mean, who’s great idea was that – pack a bunch of hormonal/horny teens on a hell ride to, er, school. Great one. :P

  2. well thats nothing – here in Toronto, Scarborough, Missussaga and where ever else the TTC runs. i hear the damn buses only get cleaned once a week. F***** nasty!!! once a week. Almost a million people ride the each bus every day. so thats 7 millions hands touching one bar. man makes you want to wash your hands a-sap after visiting the TTC. nad will make you think twice about eating on and right after you leave the bus.

  3. i did something beside a rail – me and my gf fraged echother one night when we where drank beside a rail, and she exploded her cum on the rail

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